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Anaverna, Ravensdale, Dundalk, Ireland

What We Do

Digital Transformation

Technological transformation consulting team, specialized in digitalisation and digital transformation, helping businesses extend into the digital world, setting all of the business systems online and integrating into suitable web platforms, intelligence and analytical tools.

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Digital Start

Focusing on initial digital business setup, digitalisation and digital transformation.

Web Development
Web Design

Developing affordable, responsive, content & speed optimized websites.

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Digital Marketing

Conceptualizing, creating content, developing digital strategies and SEO that work.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a core part of our technology transformation process, design and strategy.

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Apps & Cloud

All of the latest techs, apps and AI connected and integrated with your digital platform.

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Per-project rates for on-demand business services, consulting, support and training.

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We will keep it simple!

We use Data Analytics to design, project, and execute your initial online business setup, web design, digital marketing, social media services, content strategies, complete digital infrastructure build, applications, and cloud-based services.

We design and build your affordable and usable website from scratch in WordPress, or we use content management system, platform or builder of choice, such as Weebly, Wix, Ecwid, and similar.

We also set and bundle up all your business emails, social media accounts, analytic tools, payment and booking systems, etc., into one user-friendly interface, dashboard, or management tool (app).

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    Digital Transformation Consultants of the Year 2023

    BIAC AGENCY the Irish Enterprise Awards

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    Who We Are

    Digital Consultants

    BIAC AGENCY is a family of three very active people working hard on helping you define and sharpen your vision, then bring it to life using the latest technology available.

    We will meet you in person, start from scratch, ask questions, collect data, analyze, choose and test technology, project and execute a tailor-made technological solution to set your complete business platform online!


    Meet The Team

    Dundalk Based Digital Transformation Consultants









    Infrastructure Development

    Services we offer include business intelligence and data analytics, business and marketing strategy, market and competitive research, CRM and sales, UX consulting, automation, content creation and marketing, digital marketing campaigns, advising on paid media and advertising, SEO, design services, graphic and print design, website design and development, website maintenance, web hosting, data migration, CMS implementation, applications and cloud-based services.

    We focus on initial digital business setup and digital transformation as this is the most vital process for every business today no matter how big or small. Just like a team of professionals who handle the logistics, technical aspects, and aesthetics, we help transfer and set up your virtual office, store, showroom, warehouse, or any other project you have in mind. Additionally, we construct your analytical and intelligence infrastructure, deploy cutting-edge software and applications, and integrate your social media platforms.

    We will professionally assess your digital business skillset, analyse and report on your strength, and map your business’s current status with opportunities. Given the unique nature of each business and the imperative for access to raw data, offering samples or illustrative examples is a very complex task, especially with technology nowadays, there are too many options, so our assessment invariably commences with comprehensive data analysis

    Before we start designing the business solution process, we will discuss and analyse your business activities in detail, e.g. markets, competitiveness, business environmental factors, etc., to have a better understanding of what your particular business goals would be.

    Once we screen and asses your digital readiness and identify your goals, we will work on scoping processes, focusing on customers and data, defining digital business model upgrades and base strategies, and creating new or modifying existing business processes and customer experiences.

    We will find out what the latest and most suitable technology is so that we can execute our project with, and make your business data-driven and connected. We will know what can digitally make you more efficient and productive, and also help you recognize and acquire new revenue-generating opportunities.

    Depending on your particular business goals and the size of the project, we will start working on conceptualising and designing the agreed solution. And in this step, we may hire external experts like for example data scientists.

    Depending on the complexity of the project, and with consistent and real-time informational updates, we will launch, execute and test your digital solution project. No job is done until everything works fine, and you are happy. At this stage, we could also update your goals or strategies, or change the technology in use.

    When your new digital system is up and running, there will be technology employed to report and control, yes, but we will not abandon you, we will be there to monitor, support, train and/or outsource the long-term after-care to one of our associates. We could also recommend and refer to hundreds of digital professionals that we know and have worked with over the years!


    Got this company to do Website for me. Could not be happier. The guy was very professional and nothing was too much hassle!

    Brian Treanor
    Brian Treanor @

    Eliah is absolutely fantastic at his job. He made the creation of my website so easy to follow. I’m absolutely delighted with the end result. I highly recommend his service to anyone looking a new company website.

    Castle Joinery Logo
    John Molloy @

    Couldn't recommend highly enough! Got the website up and running very fast and so easy to work with. Brilliant design and ideas to perfectly represent your business 10/10.

    Bridge End Bikes Logo
    Brendan O Hare @

    Digital Services

    The future in a digitalised world - 2023 and beyond!

    We are creating visually appealing and functional websites in WordPress, Wix - or the CMS of your choice - websites that have a clear structure, are easy to navigate and optimized for search engines.

    Web design is the process of creating the visual and user interface design of a website, including the layout, colour scheme, typography, and other visual elements. On the other hand, web development involves the coding and programming of the website, including the functionality, interactivity, and back-end systems that power it.

    To run a successful website, you should have a harmonious blend of both design and development elements, with a focus on user experience, accessibility, and performance.

    Outdated websites need revamping and updating the visual appearance, user interface, and functionality. The goal is to enhance website's usability and ultimately improve its overall performance, taking into consideration the latest web design trends, as well as any technological advancements.

    We are producing and optimising all the textual and visual content for your websites from scratch.

    The process typically involves generating content that is relevant, innovative, informative, and engaging for a target audience. The goal is to attract and engage (by providing valuable information or entertainment).

    To be effective enough, we are working with keyword research, metadata, search engine optimization (SEO), audience demographics and user experience data, and we use the latest tech available, even AI in combination with human expertise.

    A process of defining and implementing a plan to achieve specific business goals: conducting market research, identifying target audiences, developing a marketing mix that addresses target needs and preferences, analysing the competition and identifying ways to differentiate a product or service in the marketplace.

    Also developing innovative and engaging marketing campaigns that capture the attention of target audiences, and creating unique and memorable concepts that communicate a brand's message in a compelling and visually appealing way.

    The creative marketing process could also involve the use of storytelling, humour, and emotional appeals to connect with audiences and build brand loyalty.

    While strategic marketing provides the framework for a marketing plan, creative marketing brings that plan to life with engaging and impactful campaigns.

    Maintenance is a crucial aspect of all digital systems: e.g. it involves keeping the website up-to-date with security patches, software updates, and ensuring that all links and pages are working properly.

    It's important to periodically evaluate the effectiveness of a website and make updates as needed to keep it relevant and engaging, also to keep up with changing technologies and user expectations, or to improve the website's performance and functionality.

    Upgrading a website involves making changes to its design, content, functionality, and security to ensure that it remains relevant and efficient. It can also involve migrating to a newer platform or updating software versions to fix bugs and increase performance.

    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) tools are highly beneficial in website development, we use them to get real-time insights into user behaviour, website performance, and other key metrics.

    By analysing data on user traffic, demographics, engagement metrics, conversion rates, etc., we can optimize websites to enhance the user experience and achieve business objectives.

    With the help of data analytics tools and techniques, we can identify new features and content based on user preferences and needs, and we can address issues such as high bounce rates, low click-through rates, and slow loading times - before we even start designing the web content.

    Additionally, BI tools can be used to monitor website performance and identify potential issues, such as slow page load times or broken links.

    As businesses rely more on cloud-based software and data-driven decision-making, AI-powered tools and web application integration have become crucial in 2023.

    It is a process of combining different web applications to work together seamlessly. This integration can happen in various ways, such as through APIs, webhooks, or custom integrations. By integrating web applications, businesses can streamline their workflows, improve efficiency and save time.

    For example, AI chatbots have become a very popular feature, while integrating a customer relationship management (CRM) system with an email marketing tool is helping businesses automate their email campaigns based on the data collected in the CRM.

    We can now create personalized user interfaces, better optimize website performance, improve search engine rankings, identify patterns and suggest improvements, enabling us to fine-tune websites to meet the needs of their target audience.

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    Trading Online & Digital Start

    Grow your business online with help through the Government’s National Digital Strategy

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    Trading Online

    Scheme designed to assist small businesses with up to 10 employees to trade more online, boost sales and reach new

    Learn more

    Scheme designed to assist small businesses with up to 10 employees to trade more online, boost sales and reach new markets. Participating in this scheme can make the process of trading online much easier for you.

    It offers financial assistance of up to €2,500 with co-funding of 50% from the business along with training and advice to help your business trade online. Cutting the cost of developing your online trading capacity by up to 50% can make this investment very affordable for many small businesses out there.

    Making informed decisions is vital for all business, so the free help and training provided by your local enterprise office in the delivery of this scheme puts you in a position to decide what is best for your business. The training sessions cover various topics, including developing a website, digital marketing, social media for business and search engine optimisation. The information provided is impartial and will help you decide on what trading online options, are right for your business.

    Businesses that have already received a Trading Online Voucher can now apply for a second voucher, where upgrades are required.
    Funding can be used towards adding payment facilities or booking systems to your website or developing new apps for your customers. The voucher can also be used towards subscriptions to low cost online retail platform solutions, to help companies quickly establish a retailing presence online.

    For more info contact us or go to the LEO website here.

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    Digital Start

    In the competitive landscape of small businesses, maximizing every advantage becomes crucial. That’s where a well-executed digital strategy can make

    Learn more

    In the competitive landscape of small businesses, maximizing every advantage becomes crucial. That’s where a well-executed digital strategy can make all the difference, providing businesses with a real edge.

    Digital Start initiative, an innovative pilot initiative launched by the Local Enterprise Office, aims to equip Local Enterprise Office funded clients* with the necessary tools and knowledge to gain that digital edge. From streamlining processes to delivering a seamless digital customer experience, Digital Start will assist businesses in preparing and implementing a comprehensive digital transformation plan.

    BIAC team of expert digital consultants is dedicated to working closely with you to develop a unique digital strategy tailored to your business needs. We start by assessing your current digital journey, identifying the areas that require attention and improvement. Based on these findings, we collaboratively create a digital adaptation plan that aligns with your specific objectives. Our support doesn’t end there; we also guide you through the implementation of your digital plan, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

    It’s important to note that Digital Start is not intended to cover expenses related to website development, digital marketing, or hardware. Instead, we focus on areas such as business process optimization, enhancing your digital customer experience, and harnessing the power of data to drive better decision-making.

    *For more info contact us or go to your local LEO website here. 

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