BIAC Digital Agency

Anaverna, Ravensdale, Dundalk, Ireland

Digitalisation Voucher Illustration

In the competitive landscape of small businesses, maximizing every advantage becomes crucial. That’s where a well-executed digital strategy can make all the difference, providing businesses with a real edge.

Digital Start initiative, an innovative pilot initiative launched by the Local Enterprise Office, aims to equip Local Enterprise Office funded clients* with the necessary tools and knowledge to gain that digital edge. From streamlining processes to delivering a seamless digital customer experience, Digital Start will assist businesses in preparing and implementing a comprehensive digital transformation plan.

BIAC team of expert digital consultants is dedicated to working closely with you to develop a unique digital strategy tailored to your business needs. We start by assessing your current digital journey, identifying the areas that require attention and improvement. Based on these findings, we collaboratively create a digital adaptation plan that aligns with your specific objectives. Our support doesn’t end there; we also guide you through the implementation of your digital plan, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

It’s important to note that Digital Start is not intended to cover expenses related to website development, digital marketing, or hardware. Instead, we focus on areas such as business process optimization, enhancing your digital customer experience, and harnessing the power of data to drive better decision-making.

*For more info contact us or go to your local LEO website here. 

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